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Salary Calculator

On SalarySite.com, you can quickly access just about any salary information you need. One of the most common reasons people come to us is for our salary calculator information. We have several ways of breaking down salary calculations.

The easiest way to calculate salary is to look up the career you are interested in learning about. Then read through the detailed information we provide about that career. You will find information on the best and worst cities and states for that career in terms of salary. You will find out how that career compares to other similar careers. For instance, under medical salaries, you will be able to learn how a registered nurse salary compares to the salary of a pharmacist. You will be able to explore these calculations further by looking at historical data about how these salaries are trending.  In this way you will be able to look at salaries from different angles, choosing the vantage points that are best for you.

Average Salary

We have compiled average salary information for every major career and we are continuing updating and expanding our database to include new careers and new salary averages. When reading through our career overviews, you can easily locate the average salary for that career.

We provide salary averages for different cities, including the cities that have the highest average salary for that career. As well, we provide a listing of the average salary for each subsection of that career. Finally, we provide historical trend data for salaries so that you can measure whether the average salary of a career is going up or coming down or staying relatively the same over time. This data can give you insight into how competitive salaries are in a particular career.  You can also research and find an application for employment.

Salary Negotiation

In addition to our career salary overview and detailed explanations, we have included on this site various salary resource articles. One of the areas we cover in detail includes tips, tactics and strategies for negotiating salary.  If you are interested in these subjects, we have several salary negotiating articles that you might like to review.

Included in these articles is additional information on strategies for growing your salary over the length of your career. Many factors play a role in why an individuals salary may go up or down over time. Understanding these salary factors can help you yourself on the right side of those career salary changes.

Highest Paying Salaries

A lot of our visitors come to us because they have yet to decide on a career and are interested in finding out the careers with the highest paying salaries. If you are looking for highest paying salary careers, a good place to start would be on the left hand column of this site under “Salary Category”.  Here we include a list of the most popular salaries, which also tend to be some of the highest paying salaries.

We also recommend that you read carefully in careers of interest, under subsections of those careers, as specialties in those careers are often some of the highest paying salaries.

Cost Of Living Calculator

Check out our cost of living calculator. Use the cost of living calculator to compare the cost of living in your city with other cities across the country.  You can also use the cost of living calculator to see what income you would need to afford the same lifestyle you have today, if you moved to another city.  We break down your expenses city by city in several specific categories, including housing, groceries, utilities, transportation and health care. You might find it useful to take information from the cost of living calculator and compare that to our salary comparisons in different cities for your particular career of interest.

First and foremost, we hope you find this information useful.  If you have any questions or desire any general salary information that cannot be found on our site, please feel free to contact us at support@salarysite.com.