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Even if you don’t intend to pursue them full time, some trades can give you extra job security and more employment opportunities. Many of the best trades to learn can improve your income at your current position, or allow you to take a more specialized role at work. 

An example of one of the best trades to learn can be expertise as an electrician. From manual labor jobs like coal mining to server staff at an IT position, the ability to act as a company's on-site electrician is highly valued. This is one of the best trades to learn because it improves the safety of the workplace, acts as a specialized role, and often leads to a pay increase.

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How We Reviewed

Choosing the best trades to learn can be difficult, even when you narrow down the criteria with factors like job security. In this review trades that provided exceptional job security when they were pursued full time were mentioned. The list also includes trades that increase your worth in a business even if they aren’t the main criteria for your employment.

All of the jobs below have a very small unemployment percentage. This means that those who received training in that trade spend minimal time unemployed. The length of time they spend employed at a single position without quitting, being fired, or also transferring effects this rating. 

Trending statistics were also taken into consideration. If it is believed that the wage for a particular trade will remain stable or increase soon, that was weighed in. The trades mentioned below are also expected to continue to grow, with their job demand exceeding the number of qualified trade professionals currently available.

The Top 6 Trades For Guaranteed Job Security

These are the best trades to learn for guaranteed job security. Some of these trades offer guaranteed security on their own, while others can increase your security in other trades entirely. The reason for each trade’s inclusion will likely be mentioned in their entry below.

Medical Trades

The first trade on this list is a bit of a cheat, but all of these trades have a common thread. Dentists, veterinarians, and physicians have the highest job security of any trade. The number of specialists in health and wellness falls far below what modern civilization demands, so the demand for people with these skills always exists.

If you have the training to become a physician's assistant or doctor's aid, your value in nearly any position will increase immediately. The income of hundreds of human and animal doctor positions continues to remain among the highest yearly salaries. Agreeing to be an on-call emergency staff at many workplaces can lead to an immediate raise.

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If you are in a full-time medical trade, there are some Cons. Work that puts the health and wellness of others in your hands can be extremely stressful. These trades have some of the highest rates of suicide, depression, and position transfers. The demands on doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and others have made the trades difficult to maintain full time.

If you can be approved as a physical fitness assistant or emergency staff, these serve as useful part-time trades. You still need to put in significant study time, but far less than a full-time nurse or doctor. You can leverage this as part-time work, and many open private practice businesses like the position of a life coach.

You may not receive offers in your exact field if you are a specialist. Any form of expertise in medical practice will grant you incredible job security. You are far more likely to quit due to personal trouble or emotional problems while pursuing one of these trades before you are fired unless you show serious ineptitude in your position.

Computer Network Architect

Computer Network Architects are one of the most important trades in modern society. They build online networks, connect the systems of a business into Local Area Networks (LANs), and perform complicated digital maintenance for companies. The average salary for a full-time CNA is over one hundred thousand dollars a year.

In the digital age, the security of a business largely falls on their IT staff. A Computer Network Architect is often tasked with putting security in place around a network once they’ve established it. They choose how to distribute the sensitive information of the company, and help created tiered informational databases.

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If a business has to release its Computer Network Architect, the chance that they will have to renovate their entire network is high. The new CNA may redesign a business’ network using their own plans, and even then the former CNA may have some built-in access to the network.

It's a position that requires a lot of trusts, but it's vital for any digital business. If a company so much as has a computer in their office, a Computer Network Architect is necessary. If you can offer your service to a workplace, you are likely to have job security and probably a fair amount of say in your workplace.

Therapy and Personal Assistance Providers

Although these could easily fall under the blanket of medical professions above, therapists are separated for a reason. These positions offer mental and physical aid respectively, but they do so in a one on one setting.

The need for Personal Assistant providers is on the rise due to a growing population of elderly adults. Physical therapists are considered valuable helpers by athletes in training, actors preparing for a roll, and subjects of surgery looking to rebuild their strength and mobility. 

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Marriage counselors, psychiatrists, and mental help therapists also have high job security. More and more citizens are seeking help with mental or social health issues, and these practices can easily pick up and move to where their practice is in demand.

The two contrast each other somewhat. Physical therapists have basic medical training that can be used for part-time work or to improve your job security in a full-time position. It is difficult to pursue this full work time. Training as a mental health therapist doesn't translate well to other trades, but you will have strong job security if you pursue one of these positions full time.


Statisticians see their job blended with other similar fields quite often these days. The position provides decent job security if you are a dedicated statistician. It is equally helpful if you want to have more trades in your resume to increase the value you present at your present workplace. 

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Statisticians are needed to analyze business trends, a company's income and expenditures, and other vital aspects of a business. They sometimes work with company advertisers or other in-house positions or may hold both roles.

Statisticians influence nearly every job there is. Unemployment rates for statisticians are just below .8%. The position can be combined with others to give you a hybrid role in a business, which often comes with higher salaries. It also means you will be in high demand if you want to seek new employment elsewhere.


To be specific, environmental engineers have the highest job security of any current engineering position. Environmental engineers have to know local codes before a business builds or stores materials in a certain area. Their positions can be environmentally friendly, but more often it involves knowing area codes and other intimate laws and bylines.

Mechanical engineering positions have higher average pay, but lower job security. Engineering as a whole requires an individual to be good in trades that use mathematics and physics. The longtime spent training and the precision required of their work means there is rarely enough manpower to fill all engineering positions.

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Engineering is a trade that translates well between different positions. Large corporate businesses like the fossil fuel industries offer a flat pay increase if you have training in an engineering position, even if that isn't your main role in the company. You can also choose to move into a full-time engineering position for greater job security this way.

Focusing on environmental engineers, they must regularly balance the demands of local governments, corporations, and complaints from local populations. If an incident does occur, they are often forced to shoulder the fault by one or more of these outside parties.

Engineering is a highly technical position. It is rewarding because you can construct long term projects in society, and build infrastructure for businesses or areas. It is challenging because you must regularly meet with others, give reports, and the risk of blame and personal admonishment is high. The pay is also considered low for what such vital positions should currently be making.

Database Administrator

This trade goes hand in hand somewhat with Computer Network Architects. The role of a Database Administrator is to create the databases where your company will store information. It creates different partitions and security levels, setting the rules for who can access what.

They create the roadmaps that tell computers in a business where to send information; the steps employees should take to log in, and so on. The databases are often connected by the network architect's work, so the positions often work together or are folded together. 

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This means that if you know one or both of these trades, your skills become that more essential to a business. Leaked information, digital attacks by hackers, and other disastrous events for businesses often have to do with a mistake made by one of these two positions. 

A database administrator touches the most sensitive information of many companies, so it is often guaranteed you can stay or leave on terms of your choosing. This is counterbalanced by the heavy responsibilities mentioned above, as you will almost singularly be held at fault if one of these terrible scenarios is to happen.

Like most IT positions, it isn't as easy to switch from another trade to Database Administrator, or visa versa, as many people think. IT positions are often lumped together if you prove you can fulfill both roles though, and you are often adequately compensated, receiving the work and pay off two or even three positions in a business combined.

The Verdict

The trade with the highest full-time job security at present is Dentistry. Unlike other medical fields, the specialized medical training of dentists doesn't easily translate to other medical positions. This means there is less job switching, and dental offices work hard to keep their dentists. This also accounts for the many dentists who are self-employed.

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Medical Training Guarantees High Full Time And Part Time Job Security

The trade that offers the best personal job security is that of a physical therapist or physician. Medical training can easily be spun into private practice, such as a personal physical therapist, which allows you to remain self-employed.

These positions offer one of the highest rehiring rates. Private doctors and other direct medical assistance providers are positions that all continue to grow. If you don't want to pursue a full-time medical position, you are guaranteed to still find work if you have training in almost any of these trades.

Engineering Trades Are Useful For Upward Mobility In Companies, Or You Can Pursue Them Full Time

Engineering positions remain the best trades to learn to improve your job security in your current position. Electrical engineers, environmental engineers, and numerous positions in between offer you flexible skills that can be used in many workplaces.

Full-time engineering positions offer high guaranteed job security, but their salary can be slightly lower than other positions with high job security. The skills of the engineering trade can be leveraged if you offer to be an on-site engineer, but you can also choose to become a company's full-time engineer in businesses such as city planning and coal mining with ease.

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