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Cracker Barrel Employee Salary

With 653 restaurants in 45 states across the United States, Cracker Barrel is a good old-fashioned stop for anyone traveling through the interstate. That is what brought Cracker Barrel to its start: increased travel across the new interstate systems brought with it a need for consistently delicious and nutritious food managed by Cracker Barrel employee.

Cracker Barrel sells over 200 million biscuits to over 217 millions guests every single year, meaning they have a need for not just a Cracker Barrel employee but employees who can serve all these customers with great Southern hospitality and a smile. If you are interested in working at Cracker Barrel, there are many different positions you could fill. You just need to find what is right for you.

Available Positions

Some of the most obvious positions available at any Cracker Barrel will be those of servers, cooks, and table bussers. Success in many of these positions relies on excellent customer service skills and an understanding of the “soul” of Cracker Barrel. That is, employees of Cracker Barrel will need to firmly understand the history of this restaurant and why so many millions of customers flock to it every year.

Other positions at Cracker Barrel will have a higher salary available, like those of General Store Managers, Assistant Managers, and Operations Managers. For these positions, it is important to have skills such as leadership, budgeting, and scheduling for other employees. These positions come with a great deal of responsibility, and it is important for people in these positions to be someone their employees can talk to about concerns.


Cracker Barrel employee salaries will vary slightly from state to state, but overall the wages for Cracker Barrel employee are relatively similar. It will come as no surprise that there is plenty of likeness between these franchise locations, ranging from menu items to the retail items they sell within each store to salaries for employees.

Average Salary at Cracker Barrel

The average Cracker Barrel employee salary varies mostly by role. The strongest determinant in how much one will be paid at Cracker Barrel is their job title, first and foremost. Beyond that, some skills may make a difference in salary among similar job titles.

That being said, the average hourly wage of a Cracker Barrel employee is $8.92 per hour. Hourly wages vary from $3.54 per hour to $12.87 per hour. If someone is applying for an hourly position at Cracker Barrel, that is how much they can expect to make. However, some of these hourly positions, like servers, can also expect to take home tips, which will increase the hourly wage and yearly total.

Hourly Positions

1. Average wage for server: $3.54 per hour

2. Average wage for a grill cook: $10.97 per hour

3. Average wage for a cashier: $8.48 per hour

However, if someone is looking for a salaried position at Cracker Barrel, they will likely be making much more. Salaried wages of a Cracker Barrel employee ranges from $35,000 per year to $73,000 per year. With these larger wages comes more responsibilities though.

Salaried Positions

1. Average salary for General Restaurant Manager: $63,236

2. Average salary for Restaurant Assistant Manager: $49,569

As you can see, the position someone has at Cracker Barrel makes a huge difference. That is not the only factor that influences salary though.

Cracker Barrel Employee Salary Factors and Influences

Many of the positions available at Cracker Barrel can be easily affected by outside factors. Some of those factors may be skill set, experience in the field and in that particular position, and location, to name a few. However, each of these factors will carry more or less weight depending on the position someone works.

For example, a server’s wage is probably most affected by their skills within that job and how much experience they have. A server with three years of experience will be much more confident and receive larger tips than someone with only one year of experience.

In contrast, a manager’s salary will likely be affected greatly by their acquired skills, such as inventory management or operations management. Years of experience will also matter for managers, but they will receive a larger salary instead of more tips.

Cracker Barrel Employee Salary Compared to Other Restaurants

Cracker Barrel’s salaries seem to be higher than many other restaurants, at least for salaried employees. As mentioned before, the average restaurant manager at Cracker Barrel makes $49,569.

Compare that to the following salaries from other restaurants

1. Average Restaurant Manager salary at Denny’s: $36,754

2. Average Restaurant Manager salary at Applebee’s: $45,490

3. Average Restaurant Manager salary at Red Lobster: $48,298

On the other hand, the wages for other front of house staff, like servers and hosts, stay similar across most restaurants. The average hourly wage for a server at Cracker Barrel is $3.54 per hour.

Compare to the same restaurants

1. Average Server wage at Denny’s: $2.40

2. Average Server wage at Applebee’s: $3.85

3. Average Server wage at Red Lobster: $4.25

Skills That Increase Salaries at Cracker Barrel

Again, the skills that will increase Cracker Barrel employee salary depends heavily on the position that employee works. There will be very stark differences in the skills affecting salary between the examples used so far: a restaurant manager and a server.

A restaurant manager will have their salaries affected largely by management skills. For example, restaurant managers need to be very adept at managing people, as well as scheduling a large group of employees. Additionally, a general restaurant manager needs to understand operations management. This from ordering food to overseeing financial information. These skills are all incredibly important to a manager at any restaurant. But especially at Cracker Barrel where the restaurants also have a retail center.

Customer Service Skills

Skills that affect a server’s pay, on the other hand, will be less overarching and more focused on the customer experience. How a server interacts with a customer will be the biggest indicator of success as a server. And that alone can lead to promotions that involve training other servers and raises in their base hourly wage. What is also important when considering the wage of a server is tips. Most of the skills that increase a server’s take-home pay depends on customer interaction. Because servers receive most of their pay directly from customers.

No matter what role an employee takes at Cracker Barrel, there are skills that affect how much they can make, whether from raises or tips. From the top of the company to the bottom, developing skills that make you better at your job will usually result in an increase in either salary, hourly wage, or tips.

History of Cracker Barrel

Dan Evins opened the first Cracker Barrel. It's after realizing that America’s popular and expanding interstate systems had a need for consistent and quality food along their trips. He began to plan a country store, where travelers could get a good meal at a fair price, but shortly after his idea began to grow.

Evins had an uncle named Herschel McCartney and he became the soul of Cracker Barrel. Which became a place where they would offer Southern hospitality that accompanied their mission of pleasing people.


These days, Cracker Barrel still strives to be a home away from home for travelers. Their mission is still to please people, and the best way to do that is to be open and welcoming to everyone. Employees of Cracker Barrel are supposed to pay attention to every detail. This is in order to provide a consistent, pleasant, and seamless experience for all of their customers every day.

Cracker Barrel, as a company, hopes to be “trusted curators” of a way of life that is distinctly American. A way of life they hope everyone who walks through their many doors feels. Hospitality and charm are two things that leaders at Cracker Barrel should strive to make a priority.

Outlook for Cracker Barrel Employee

Employees of Cracker Barrel can expect to feel comfortable knowing that this company is deeply ingrained in the American countryside. While some restaurants may be experiencing difficulties keeping their doors open, Cracker Barrel’s outlook is quite good.

According to Forbes, Cracker Barrel’s prolific presence in America (650 restaurants in 45 states) means that they are a very stable restaurant company. Other positive indicators for Cracker Barrel include the fact that revenue was stable, with little to no change, year over year from 2017. While restaurants saw a slight, single digit decline in visitors, menu prices were also raised to combat that change.

Outlook for Cracker Barrel Company

It appears that the company Cracker Barrel is doing well currently, and the outlook for this company is good. Menu prices are not the only thing that can be adjusted to combat low guest traffic at this restaurant. Because Cracker Barrels also feature gift shop-like retail areas, this company has an additional flow of revenue to fall back on when necessary.

As a result of these indicators of stability, employees at Cracker Barrel can feel comfortable. Knowing that the company they work for most likely will not be closing any time soon. Some Cracker Barrel employee salary changes may occur, particularly if revenue begins to increase. But also as the minimum wage is raised across the United States.

Featured Image: CC2.0 Eli Christman via Flickr.