Non-Profit Salaries Non-Profit Career Salaries

A non-profit organization is defined as any business that earns income and uses any of the surplus to achieve goals rather than expanding the value of the business. Some of the most common non-profits are charities, but health organizations, nursing homes, social work organizations or some government-based organizations can also qualify for this title. Many religious organizations also earn a non-profit status in the United States. Non-profit career salaries are typically bases on a similar pay scale to professions in the service industry.

People may believe that non-profit career salaries tend to be low because the organization is not earning a profit. While it is true that these organizations rely heavily on volunteer staff, there are plenty of individuals within the organization that earn a comparable wage working for these organizations. In fact, CEOs of these organizations can earn non-profit career salaries that can be in the millions. The wage you can earn will vary based on the type of non-profit you work for, the position you are working in and the legal restrictions on the organizations and how they can allocate the fund they earn.

Educational Requirements for Non-Profit Employees

The education you will need to earn in order to work in a non-profit organization will vary greatly based on the type of work you will be doing. People working in basic jobs like call centers or as an administrative assistant may not need any formal education to earn employment. However, those working in more advanced positions such as a manager’s role may be encouraged to seek a degree in business or a related field before gaining employment. Social workers or nursing staff at a nursing home may need to earn a master’s degree to begin working in their desired field.

In general, jobs that require more experience or education from their employees will offer higher non-profit career salaries than basic jobs within the organization. Those that move into a management or supervisory position due to their experience in the field can also earn a higher competitive salary than those that are working in a basic employment situation.

Job Availability and Salary Possibilities

There are a variety of non-profit positions available and these positions are expected to grow over the next few years. Many non-profits are being founded to manage the growing elderly and impoverished population or to help promote different causes such as disease prevention or environmental causes.

Many traditional employment opportunities such as business management or nursing can be applied to traditional business or non-profit settings based on where the individual happens to get employed. In this case non-profit career salaries will typically be comparable to competitive industries. The salary level you can expect will vary based on the nature of the industry and the level of skill necessary to perform your job. Like any other industry, those that are more valuable to the industry will earn higher salaries than those that perform more basic jobs within the organizations.

If a non-profit is expected to manage a high volume of work on a tight budget they may need to keep a tight cap on non-profit career salaries within the organization. Nursing homes or charities tend to have more difficulties in this area than for-profit organizations. In this case, individuals may be able to earn a higher salary by working with a competitive business rather than signing up with a non-profit. However, this phenomenon is typically restricted to charities that are dependent on donations to pay the wages of their employees rather than those that get money from other outside sources such as grants to manage their overhead expenses within the organization.