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Career as a IT Technician



By Diane Turner

The average salary for an IT technicianis largely based on the tasks they will be expected to take on while on the job. They will typically meet with an organization to determine their needs so the proper system can be set up, install all necessary hardware and software, install any security systems, train those in the company to use these systems and perform any troubleshooting tasks that will help to keep the systems running the way they should.

Those working as an IT technician will be expected to earn a bachelor’s degree in computers or information science. Many who work into administration in this industry also have a degree in electrical or computer engineering. It is possible to earn positions in this field with an associate’s degree but the salary of an IT technicianfor these positions is not typically as competitive as others in the field.

In addition to their education, IT technicians will be expected to become certified. There are a wide variety of certifications for specific software or hardware applications. In general, those that are certified to work on a wider range of applications can earn a more competitive salary because they are more employable.

IT Technician Average Salary

The IT technician average salary is $69,160. These individuals can earn a significantly varying salary based on the industry where they are employed, the type of certifications the individual has earned and the level of experience they have in the field.

IT Technician Salary Factors and Influences

The average salary of an IT technicianis highly dependent on the education these individuals earn before moving into the field. With technology constantly being upgraded, it is essential to continue to learn about new systems and technological standards in order to remain competitive in the industry. While most people working as a technician will have training in a specific field, they are encouraged to learn on the job so they can provide insight on how to manage new operating systems and hardware as necessary.

In addition to earning a formal education, IT technicians will need to earn certifications to work with any specific software or hardware programs they plan to work with. The salary for an IT technicianwill vary based on how employable their skill set is. Getting a variety of certifications will make an IT technician more competitive in the industry. If you are working in an area where a specific business tends to employ most of the IT technicians, it is encouraged that you do research to determine what systems they employ so you can select the proper certifications to meet the needs of these individuals. Learning the basics behind computer programming and hardware maintenance is also helpful, even if you do not plan to work in this field. This will allow you to better address the issues that arise during a troubleshooting situation so that any difficulties the network is experiencing can be addressed as quickly as possible.

IT Technician Salary Compared To Related Fields

IT technicians are a growing field with a variety of salary opportunities that are quite competitive in the industry.

Average Salary for an IT Technician: $69,160

Average Salary for Computer and Information Systems Managers: $115,780

Average Salary for Database Administrators: $73,490

Average Salary for Electrical and Electronics Engineers: $87,180

Average Salary for Computer Hardware Engineers: $98,810

As you can see, IT technicians are currently earning less than similar fields in the industry. However, you can easily earn more than this average if you earn additional certifications so you are able to take on more responsibility while on the job. This industry is also growing in demand as well as responsibility while on the job, which opens the opportunity for technicians to negotiate their salary when they are employed with a specific industry.

IT Technician Salary by State

The average IT technician salarytends to remain fairly stead, but there are some areas that can expect to see an increase in salary expectations than others. To see this trend, note the average salaries for basic IT technicians throughout the country.

IT technician salary in New York: $48,000

IT technician salary in Massachusetts: $47,000

IT technician salary in Mississippi: $47,000

IT technician salary in Washington: $46,000

IT technician salary in California:$45,000

You will note that the IT technician salary by state is lower than the national average. This is because these figures are for introductory IT technicians without a great deal of training. Those that move up into more advanced positions can expect to see a larger salary. Specific salary types for various positions within the industry can be noted below to help you better understand the salary opportunities available for IT technicians.

IT Technician Types of Salaries

IT Project Coordinator:Average Salary: $90,081

Project coordinators will ensure that the company’s resources that have been dedicated to the IT department are being used properly. They will identify and resolve any technical issues within the department, including making upgrades or replacing outdated or damaged software or hardware. They will define the scope of any IT projects, deliveries or requirements and ensure that the team is capable of making these deadlines as needed. These positions require a bachelor’s degree as well as 5 years of experience in the field.

IT Asset Management Administrator: Average Salary: $57,100

These professionals will be responsible for any administrative duties within the IT department as well as inventory management function. They will maintain all databases and records for the department including the warranties, licenses and service agreements for the software or hardware within the company. They will need to track the quality of this equipment and make recommendations for upgrades when necessary. This position requires a bachelor’s degree and may require as much as three years of experience in the field.

PC Maintenance Technician I:Average Salary: $39,673

Introductory maintenance technicians will be responsible for maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing or analyzing the hardware, computer systems and computer peripherals. They will document any upgrades or maintenance on these systems as well as maintaining any user account information such as the security systems and access rights for other staff. This position requires an associate’s degree and may require at least three years of experience.

PC Maintenance Technician II: Average Salary: $49,796

Upper level maintenance technicians will be responsible for repairing computer systems, troubleshooting, analyzing issues and maintaining they system overall. They will make any appropriate upgrades to the software or hardware and document any changes made. They will be responsible for determining the goals of the company and selecting a computer system that will adequately address these issues for their clients. This position requires an associate’s degree or training equivalent as well as 2-5 years of experience in the field.

PC Maintenance Technician III:Average Salary: $54,674

These management technicians will be in charge of supporting and maintaining the computer systems including the hardware and software. They will be responsible for maintaining and supporting the security systems by increasing the rights of specific individuals and improving the security as necessary. They will be responsible for judging the current goals for the project as well as using their experience to make recommendations that will increase the likelihood that these goals will be met. Individuals looking for a job in this capacity will need an associate’s degree or a training equivalent as well as at least four years of experience.

IT Controller:Average Salary: $125,080

Controllers will direct and evaluate the strategies and financial initiatives. This will help the company forecast the budget needs of the program so they can allot the proper resources to this group. They will then ensure that the company remains within this budget and outline any pricing strategies necessary to better meet these goals. This position requires at least 10 years of experience in the field with a bachelor’s degree in a related field.

History of IT Technicians

IT technicians began to grow in demand and popularity as businesses became more dependent on computer technology to get their work done. The field is constantly growing and changing as computer processes become more advanced. To better address these demands, modern IT technicians have worked to gain training in database management systems, computer servers, cryptography, systems management, networking, specific operating systems or IT governance. Recently, training programs have expanded to include certifications for Oracle DBA, Microsoft, PMP, Cisco, and information security certifications.

IT Technician Salary Outlook – Conclusion

The employment levels for IT technicians are expected to grow by 28 percent in the next 10 years, which is double that of the job market as a whole. The average IT technician salaryis expected to remain steady and increase for those that are able to take on the maintenance of new computer systems or more complex tasks.

The average salary of an IT technician salaryfor those working in security-based professions is expected to see some of the best job growth in the industry. With so much demand for internet-based companies, these industries are relying more on their security systems to keep their business up and running. Those that can take on these tasks can expect to see more opportunities in administration and better paying positions.