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Job searching is exhausting, both mentally and physically. Plus, you often need to write a cover letter for each application, which can make it more time consuming to apply to even entry-level job positions.

What is the purpose of a cover letter? With a cover letter, you can introduce yourself to the company, outside of a resume which is a list of your previous work experience. In the cover letter, you can explain yourself and why you would be a great fit for the organization and why you want to work with the team.

While not every company will require that you submit a cover letter with your application, most experts agree that it’s a beneficial step. By adding extra information about yourself, you increase the chance that a recruiter will invite you for an interview where you can show off your skills. Without the cover letter, you might not get through the initial stage.

What Is A Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a short document which is in traditional postal letter format. The cover letter is your opportunity to explain deficiencies in your resume by highlighting the benefits that you would bring to the business. By doing so, you can give more color to your resume and improve your chances of success, particularly if you’re underqualified for the role.

Organizing a Cover Letter


Draw Attention to Your Benefits

Maximizing the Value of the Letter

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